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Snack Like You Mean It

When you need a protein pick-me-up, look no further than Old Wisconsin sausage snacks. They're conveniently delicious.

  • Snack Bites
    Snack Bites

    America's #1 Snack Bite, they're the perfect size for snacking on the go. Made with the finest meats and spices, and smoked over hardwood fires, they're a delicious treat you can enjoy anywhere.

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  • Snack Sticks
    Snack Sticks

    Our snack sticks are crafted using high quality meats and are spiced and smoked to perfection. Old Wisconsin offers a delicious variety of flavors that your whole family will love.

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  • Snack Sticks and Cheese
    Smoke Stacks

    Wisconsin is famous for great sausage and cheese! We bring them both together for a tasty, satisfying snack you can enjoy anywhere. Pick up a pair today!

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  • Big Smokey Length
    Big Smokey

    When you have an appetite that only the biggest, boldest snack can satisfy, reach for Big Smokey. It’s a hardwood-smoked snack of two-handed proportions.

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  • Twisted Snack Sticks

    Need something more out of your snack? For the perfect blend of smoked meats and spices, make sure to get it twisted.

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