Natural Cut


Real Ingredients, Real Flavor

We're proud to introduce Natural Cut, all-natural versions of some of your favorite Old Wisconsin products. Natural Cut products are free of preservatives and artificial ingredients, making it easy to know exactly what you're eating.

  • Natural Snack Bites
    Natural Snack Bites

    Old Wisconsin Snack Bites are already the natural choice for on-the-go snacking. Now they’re available in two delicious, all-natural varieties.

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  • Natural Snack Sticks
    Natural Snack Sticks

    When you bite into an Old Wisconsin Natural Cut Snack Stick, you can rest assured you’re enjoying 100% natural flavor. Now available in beef and turkey varieties.

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  • Natural Summer Sausage
    Natural Summer Sausage

    We returned to our roots for our Natural Cut Summer Sausage, crafting all-natural pork and beef sausage that’s been spiced and aged to perfection.

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