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Buddig and Old Wisconsin have a reputation for high quality, delicious meats and handcrafted sausages. And with a convenient variety of flavors, serving sizes and cuts, we have the perfect product options available to fit any need. With over 60 years of experience at facilities that are SQF - Level 3 Certified and recognized for their quality and expertise, we've customized solutions for generations of projects, events and unique needs, and we're ready to help make your next project a huge success!

Special Packaging Designed for You

With customizable packaging options, there's always room for Buddig and Old Wisconsin.

  • Bags: Ranging in size from 1 oz. to 20 lbs
  • Trays, cups, tubs, press-to-close, easy-peel film
  • Horizontal and vertical forms-fill-seal
  • Individual package code dating
  • Printed film, random printed film, clear film
  • Stickers, labels, inserts
  • Extended life packaging with modified atmosphere
  • Microwave steam films also an option
Food Services Packaged Meat
Quality and Variety that Satisfy

With a wide range of flavors, varieties and dietary options, Buddig and Old Wisconsin offer delicious options for everyone.

  • Gluten-free, allergen-free, no-MSG-added

    Gluten-free, allergen-free, no-MSG-added items from our USDA-inspected facilities.

  • Grilling Sausages

    Grilling Sausages: Bratwurst, Natural Casing Wieners and Polish.

  • Quality Lunch Meats

    Quality Lunch Meats: Turkey, Chicken, Ham, Beef and Corned Beef. Reduced sodium formulations available.

  • Hardwood Smoked

    Hardwood Smoked: Whether Buddig lunch meat or Old Wisconsin sausages, the taste of real hardwood smoke makes all the difference.

  • Flame-grilled Chicken

    Flame-grilled Chicken: Whole breasts or specialty cut, lightly seasoned or in specialty flavors like Southwest and Italian.

  • Shelf-stable, Hardwood Smoked Sausages

    Shelf-stable, Hardwood Smoked Sausages: Small slices of Beef Salami, Turkey, Pepperoni and Summer Sausage, along with bite-size pieces of narrow diameter sticks in Beef, Turkey and Pepperoni.

Tailor-Cut Just for You

Save time and prep! We deliver the right cuts, right when you need them.

  • Cubes and diced

    Cubes and diced: from 3/8" to 1/2" best suits most needs.

  • Coin size

    Coin size: A fun shape for many applications.

  • Sliced and shingled

    Sliced & shingled portions, individual portions and shaved.

  • Bite-sized sausage

    Bite size, shelf-stable sausage pieces at 1" or any other length.

  • Chicken strips

    Strips: Julienne, Fajita cut or small shreds.

  • Single-serve portions

    Single-serve portions and packages.

Introducing Fast Fuel

Our hardwood smoked Fast Fuel sausage snack sticks are a shelf-stable source of tasty, on-the-go energy. Available in Beef and Honey Brown Sugar Turkey varieties, they’re low in sodium, fat and sugar and contain 40 calories or fewer per stick. That means they meet USDA Smart Snack standards, making them perfect for school food programs. Click to download the Certificate of Analysis.

Fast Fuel
Smart Snack Standards Old Wisconsin Fast Fuel Sticks
Under 200 calories Beef: 30 calories
Honey Brown Sugar Turkey: 40 calories
Sodium levels under 230mg Beef: 190mg sodium
Honey Brown Sugar Turkey: 200mg sodium
10% fat and less than 35% total fat, 0g trans fat No saturated fat or trans fat
Beef: 1g total fat
Honey Brown Sugar Turkey: 1.5g total fat
Less than 35% of the weight from total sugars Beef: <1g sugar
Honey Brown Sugar Turkey: 3g sugar
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Talk to us about your next project!

We look forward to helping make your next project a huge success. For more information or to discuss your upcoming project, please reach out to our Business Development Manager Diane Muscari.

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