Hand-Tied Summer Sausage

Hand-Tied Sausage & Crackers Shadow


At Old Wisconsin, we believe that some sausage-making techniques are timeless. That’s why our sausages are blended with only the finest meats and spices before smoking them slowly over a hardwood fire and hanging them to age. Our Hand-Tied Summer Sausage is the result of a proud tradition, and it’s easily one of the best sausages you will ever taste.

This is as premium a sausage as you will find: gluten-free, zero added MSG, Sheboygan-certified craftsmanship and the signature hardwood-smoked taste of the Old Wisconsin smokehouse. When only the best sausage will do, reach for an Old Wisconsin Original Hand-Tied Summer Sausage.

  • Hardwood Smoked
  • Gluten Free
  • Premium

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