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Snack Bites

Snack Bites

Bold, bite-size sausage in a convenient, resealable bag.

Snack Sticks

Snack Sticks

Individually wrapped, perfectly sized sausage snacks.

Twisted Snack Sticks

Tender, smoked and the perfect blend of meats and spices.

Summer Sausage Slices

Summer Sausage

Carefully spiced, precisely aged, easily enjoyed.

Sausage Slices

Hand-Tied Summer Sausage

Hand-tied, hardwood smoked and hung to age.

Introducing Natural Cut

Our new Natural Cut line of products delivers the Old Wisconsin flavor you know and love with absolutely no artificial ingredients.

NC Snack Bites

Natural Snack Bites

Every bit as deliciously portable, now all-natural.

NC Beef Snack Sticks

Natural Snack Sticks

No artificial ingredients, no compromise in flavor.

NC Original Summer Sausage

Natural Summer Sausage

Made the old-fashioned way, with all-natural ingredients.

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