Discover Old Wisconsin Taste Tour

Discover Old Wisconsin Taste Tour

The authentically hardwood smoked flavor of Old Wisconsin sausage has to be tasted to be believed. Sadly, though, not everyone has had the chance to discover the smoky, savory goodness of our sausage snacks. So we came up with an idea: Why not bring the smokehouse to them?

To bring our idea to life, we took an ordinary pedicab and literally built a cabin on top of it. But having a cabin on wheels wasn’t enough—through a combination of TVs, speakers and a real, wood-burning smokestack, we recreated the sights, sounds and smells of a rustic Northwoods smokehouse. Thus, our mobile smokehouse was born!

As soon as our creation was complete, we loaded up on smoked sausage snacks and hit the road in search of hungry folks. And of course we had to document the experience! Follow our adventures on YouTube, and keep your eyes peeled—you never know where the Old Wisconsin Smokehouse will show up next.

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